Smart Automation

Automating induction

Regardless of whether it is a matter of precisely positioning workpieces for extremely hot heating, synchronously feeding several components to inductors or reducing set-up times – at Himmelwerk we can find an exceptional smart automation solution for every special challenge. The key to our success is automated electromechanical processes that integrate induction heating directly into your production.

Our designers and power electronics engineers are specialists in special systems in automation technology that complement our converters and recooling systems. In this way, for example, we automate the positioning of outer circuits or workpieces and integrate PLC controls for positioning and heating processes. Our special solutions also include work tables made of aluminium profile for accommodating converters and recooling systems

  • with or without wheels
  • with devices for workpiece positioning
  • with media supply compressed air, cooling water and mains voltage
  • with workpiece positioning or holding as interchangeable part
  • incl. sensor technology (e.g. for binary coding) for inductor and component recognition

What do we achieve with this expertise? Better results for your production!

Unique solutions for your requirements

With our development know-how, we meet every challenge of induction heating. This means that we always pursue the best solutions. The process steps are similar, but we tailor the implementations individually to your conditions. In doing so, we always look for added value that results from induction heating for you.

Below you will find a brief overview of exemplary solutions that we have implemented.

Reproducible processes at very high temperatures

Customer requirement

The recrystallisation annealing of X-ray tube plates is to be implemented as a reproducible process. The challenge here is the very high temperatures between 1,680 °C and 2,360 °C.

The solution

We automate the inductor positioning vertically and horizontally. For the customer, this means a high increase in quality because the process has become reproducible.

Various converters and plants from Himmelwerk
Himmelwerk converter and heating station for glass blowing mold

Short set-up times

Customer requirement

Various glass blowing moulds are to be preheated at a heating station. This is expected to reduce set-up times in production.

The solution

We build a complete system with an converter and a pneumatic positioning unit for the outer circuit with inductor. We also integrate a central control unit for temperature-monitored heating. In this way, we can actually reduce set-up times considerably.

Increased quality with lower resource consumption

Customer requirement

The operator of an elevated railway wants to carry out repairs of coal carriers, whereby coal is desoldered and soldered on coal carriers. The temperature is to be constantly monitored.

The solution

The Himmelwerk Smart Automation solution makes this possible by designing a universal receptacle for coal carriers in just one inductor. This avoids set-up times, the processes become reproducible and the quality is significantly increased. The temperature can be monitored continuously and in addition the consumption of solder and flux is reduced.

Himmelwerk converter with plant for repairing coal carriers
Himmelwerk converter on table with rollers

Using induction heating on the move

Customer requirement

The customer wants to be able to dock the induction heating process as a mobile unit to different workplaces. For this purpose, the system with converter, outer circuit and recooling system must of course be as compact as possible.

The solution

We are developing a work table on wheels that has integrated the common power supply for the converter and recooling system. This means that the entire induction system is quickly ready for use at different locations in the company.

Integrating synchronous heating processes

Customer requirement

A customer wants to heat connecting rods synchronously at a double heating station – in a very confined space.

The solution

We design a compact table (in shelf format) for two converters and outer circuits at the transport height of the workpieces. In this way, we not only keep the installation space small, but also dock the induction process directly onto the transfer path of the components. Automation at it’s best.

Plant with two inverters and two inductors
Two warming stations set up in the same way

Synchronous heating as a reproducible process

Customer requirement

Car oil pans are soft annealed at two synchronous heating stations. It should be possible to place the pans by hand or by robot.

The solution

We develop a complete system with a control cabinet for two MU25 generators as well as two work tables with devices for holding, clamping and annealing the workpieces. The sensor system for detecting the components is located on the working device. The Himmelwerk control system (PLC) now enables temperature-controlled induction heating that is reproducible. In this way, the customer can meet the specifications of the buyer company.

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