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Welcome to HIMMELWERK, the specialist for high- and medium-frequencies converters for inductive and capacitive heating. With decades of experience in the art of induction and customers from all over the world we can offer you individuell solutions based on our wide range of products.
HIMMELWERK has created a range of products with capacities ranging from 2 to 250 kW that meets countless requirements when it comes to inductive heating with high and medium-frequency converters.

Inductive heating describes the warming process of an electrically conducting workpiece through a magnetic field. Unlike other heating methods, inductive heating does not convey temperatur from the outside, but generates the heat in the workpiece itself. This offers numerous advantages.

The in the workpiece generated temperature results in a high degree of efficiency, as heat is only used where it is really needed. Furthermore, the thermal effect can be limited locally and in terms of the time involved. This leads to exact reproducibility of the heating pattern during mass production and, consequently, uniformly consistent workpiece quality.
Chemical/metallurgical reactions and impairments of the surface can be broadly avoided. Moreover, induction heating systems do not require start-up or warm-up times, but are ready for immediate use at all times. Heat development is limited to a minimum, reducing the exposure of operating personnel and the surroundings to any heat released. Induction heating systems can therefore be installed where production requires them. Unnecessary transportation is avoided as a result. Induction heating systems provide optimum prerequisites for the automation of heating processes.
They can be easily adapted to suit existing machinery and facilitate the construction of practical fixtures. Their use saves the deployment of skilled workers. These systems are particularly ideal for serial production. Use of these systems is also practical in many cases where small production quantities are involved.Mass production and the manufacture of small series can therefore be rationalised, not only in terms of efficiency, but also the improvement of product quality.The various range of applications does not only include heating for conventional processes like forging, soldering or melting. For example, inductive systems can also accelerate drying of paints and hardening of adhesives applied to metals.
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HIMMELWERK has been manufacturing high-frequency and medium-frequency systems with capacities of 2.0 kW and greater for over six decades.
Over 14 000 systems have already been delivered to customers both at home and abroad and have proved themselves in the most varied sectors. We have garnered comprehensive and varied experience in the different areas of induction heating which offer you decisive advantages for your production.

Our product range encompasses
  • High-frequency converters, frequency range 50 kHz – 2 MHz, power capacities of 2 – 250 kW
  • Medium-frequency converters, frequency range 4 – 50 kHz, power capacities between 15 and 250 kW
  • Cooling water recooler systems
  • Infrared pyrometers for temperature measurement/control
  • Inductors designed for specific applications
  • Working fixtures
We enter into long-term partnerships with our customers

We reach our targets through our highly qualified personnel and modern production plant and systems.

Our competence and efficiency is demonstrated in the rapid availability of our standard components.

Approx. 20% of our 50 employees are active in the areas of research, development and design, thus ensuring the continuous further development of our products.

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