The laboratory

Process validation and development expertise

Is my workpiece too complex for an inductor? Which frequency do I need for my heating process? Can I be sure that the system I order from Himmelwerk will meet all my requirements?

Every request that reaches us is individual. Sometimes the process is easy to implement, often it presents different challenges. That is why we have a laboratory at our facility in Tübingen where we test applications, develop new solutions and ensure process quality.

Developer looks at inverter in lab

The laboratory and its equipment

Our technical experts, who have many years of experience with engineering technology, physical laws and, of course, with induction systems, test feasibilities and carry out basic experiments in our application laboratory. For optimum process validation, they test which frequency ranges are necessary for which inductive heating processes in order to achieve perfect solutions for our customers. A large selection of different converter types is available for this purpose, with which we determine the optimum frequency and power range for a wide spectrum of tasks. In the laboratory, we further develop induction technology and thus ensure the quality of your solutions.
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Your workpiece in the laboratory

First, we clarify whether induction heating is feasible for your component. At this step, we answer any questions you may have about materials and heating processes. With the frequency ranges covered by Himmelwerk converters, materials such as aluminium, copper or liquid glass, for example, can also be optimally heated inductively. In general, there is no conductive material that cannot be inductively heated with Himmelwerk generators.

Ideally, the experimental laboratory tests are carried out on original workpieces. If you cannot provide us with one yet, then we offer investigations with similar samples based on our decades of experience. Because these are very close in their fundamental significance to the investigations on your original workpiece.

We supplement the experimental and practical tests with software-based simulations and design calculations when appropriate.

Developer looks at a workpiece under a magnifying glass in the laboratory

Visiting the laboratory

In the application laboratory, our Himmelwerk specialists develop, test and inspect – but you are also cordially invited to carry out your own tests or to be present during process validation. The laboratory is available to our industrial customers and our university partners.

The appointments in the application laboratory are almost always made within the framework of a prior signing of a confidentiality agreement. This protects both your know-how and Himmelwerk’s experiential knowledge from improper transfer.

We offer special conditions for university and science partners, because the research and further development of the efficient, environmentally friendly and sustainable technology of induction heating is close to our hearts. With the lab, we can help ensure that future generations of technicians and engineers have lively access to it.

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The implementation of your process solution

To implement an outstanding induction heating solution for your production, further steps outside the laboratory are of course necessary. Here you can get an overview of how we proceed and what services we offer.