High frequency generator HU 3i

Smart induction technology of the future

Himmelwerk IoT

Can AI measures and smart solutions also be implemented in the field of induction heating? And if so, what could be achieved with it?

  • Fastest cycle times
  • More sustainability
  • More efficiency
  • A complete overview of your own induction processes

Simply a more competitive, IIoT-capable production. All this would be possible if the inductive heating process could be monitored accordingly. We have developed a Himmelwerk IoT solution for this: the self-learning monitoring module Smart Upgrade.

All of our next gen series i generators come with the smart module integrated by default. Beginning with our HU 3i converter. Almost all of our converters can be retrofitted with the Smart Upgrade module.

The Smart Upgrade is based on a field-proven smart machine learning mode that intelligently captures and evaluates monitoring values for relevant process data. After the algorithm has been trained, the limit values can be activated. From then on, the frequency converter with the retrofitted Smart Upgrade independently tracks all actual values during the heating process and stops heating if an error occurs. Rejection and error rates can thus be reduced to a minimum.

With the Smart Upgrade, it is also possible to observe very fast induction heating processes depending on the device. Today, the solution is already being used successfully for heating times of less than 100 ms with one hundred per cent parts monitoring. We use all the possibilities of curve evaluation via a fast control system with cycle times of 1 ms. In this way, the relevant process data is analysed continuously and in real time.

The Smart Upgrade can optionally be supplemented with a data logger and various bus systems.

We retrofit growth smartly

IoT, it’s not rocket science. Together with you, we can easily retrofit your induction systems. We will guide you transparently and with expertise through the following process:


Joint process analysis

Together with you, we determine the parameters:

  • What equipment do you have?
  • What are the process framework conditions?
    (component, cycle time and heating task)
  • What goals do you wish to achieve?
    - Increase  productivity
    - Increase transparency in the heating process
    - Generate data for energy certificate ISO50001
    - Reduction of your carbon footprint

Use our technical information sheet (interactive PDF)

Concept development
by Himmelwerk


Based on the parameters, we will create a precise concept for your retrofit:

  • What does the data model look like? (Hardware and software concept)
  • What are the control parameters?

We use this information as a basis for developing a Himmelwerk IoT concept.

Joint determination
of your ROI


We calculate the expected ROI and payback period based on the process costs and your investment budget, making sure that the investment pays off for you quickly. Our experience has been extremely positive, however, your figures are unique only to you. Amortisation periods of less than one year are not uncommon.


Your order

Convinced? Entrust us with the retrofitting of your induction systems.

For the rollout, we integrate the digital Smart Upgrade into the following components and areas:

  • the existing PLC
  • the machine data acquisition (MDE)
  • your quality management
  • your production controlling
  • your energy management

Experience has shown that it is worthwhile to start with a pilot project on an induction system. The Smart Upgrade is then first retrofitted to one of your systems. If this is successful as planned, the rollout to the entire production line takes place after your approval.

Do you have any questions?
Contact us!

We look forward to advising you on the process of retrofitting and making your production more efficient.

The Smart Upgrade in use

Is smart induction worth it?

With the Smart Upgrade, we have developed a simple retrofit solution for many of our frequency generators. But is it worth integrating it into the existing systems?

Previous Himmelwerk IoT solutions show that the effects of the Smart Upgrade can be quite amazing.

Scrap down to zero

An integration of the Smart Upgrade took place at a customer who uses induction heating for the short-time hardening of bolts.

The challenge

The hardened bolts have been randomly tested so far. If there was a faulty workpiece, the entire batch had to be taken out of the production process, as it was not clear when the misadjustment had occurred and how many bolts were actually affected.

The result

With the Smart Upgrade, the induction heating process is now stopped immediately if a fault occurs. This can then be remedied and the scrap reduced to almost zero.

Special screws with bolts
Turbine blades

20,000 miles of exposure

We delivered a Smart Upgrade to an aerospace customer.

The challenge

Some of the components produced by the customer are exposed to extreme loads. At the same time, as a manufacturer in the aerospace industry, he must be able to guarantee absolute safety. Trying it out under real conditions is therefore not possible.

The result

With repeated high induction heating processes followed by rapid cooling phases, the customer was able to simulate the material stresses caused by thousands of air miles and ensure that the components could withstand the stress. The Smart Upgrade provided our customer with complete transparency and immediate identification of possible sources of error throughout the process.

Automation made possible

The Smart Upgrade was also successfully integrated by a customer in the automotive industry.

The challenge

Our customer builds automation solutions for electric motor manufacturers. So far, however, he has not been able to integrate the induction heating process into the turnkey solution in a completely automated way.

The result

The Smart Upgrade allows our customer to integrate induction heating fully automatically. With our intelligent solution, we offer him the appropriate interfaces for the data connection to the higher-level PLC.

Parts of an electric motor

Your contact

Jörn-Holger Baur


Daniel Schulte, Sales Himmelwerk