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Induction heating solutions generate heating of electrically conductive materials with the help of a magnetic field. In contrast to conventional heating methods, with induction the heat is not supplied from the outside, but is generated in the workpiece itself. This offers many benefits for production processes, energy use and working conditions.

Discover how we implement induction heating for your production and develop the right solutions for your conditions.

Benefits in terms of costs and quality

  • Short heating times mean that you save energy and reduce CO₂. Together with you, we will see how much this can be in individual cases.
  • All induction processes are easily reproducible.
  • Due to the precise heating, scrap and reworking are significantly reduced.
  • Our induction solutions can be automated and integrated into your production processes.

Better working conditions

  • The precise heating has the effect of a pleasant working temperature.
  • Even our largest induction systems take up relatively little space and are at the same time state-of-the-art high-end machines.
  • Induction processes are easy to handle, so they can be operated flexibly.
  • In the application laboratory we develop exactly the right solution for your requirements.

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We make sure that you use all the benefits in your production. For this, we develop an individual induction heating solution with you.


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Test equipment

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During the entire conception and now manufacturing process, we maintain a close dialogue with you and check the integrability of the solution into your production or your turnkey solution.



We manufacture your induction solution, deliver it and take care of the technical interfaces.



The time has come: The system is put into operation on-site. If you wish, we would be pleased to support you in this worldwide.



With Himmelwerk Care, we offer you an individually customisable aftercare service. Included:  preventive maintenance, repair and spare parts service.

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The strengths of induction heating solutions

Conventional methods of heating need a lot of space – and usually heat the workpieces completely. If, on the other hand, the heat is generated directly at the point to be machined, and in the exact amount required, not only is energy saved, but the workpiece is also protected. This is possible with induction heating.

Induction heating is based on physical principles. If a metallic body (or an electrically conductive body) is exposed to the influence of an electromagnetic alternating field, e.g. around an inductor, an electric current is induced in it (inducere lat. = to lead into). This current causes the metal to heat up.

Glühende Schmelzanlage

Better quality and better working conditions

Since the heat exposure in mass production with induction heating can be perfectly limited in terms of time and location, the heating pattern becomes precisely reproducible and enables consistent quality of the workpieces. Chemical-metallurgical reactions that impair the surface can thus be avoided.

Induction systems do not require any start-up or heating-up times, but are ready for operation immediately. And since heat generation is kept to a minimum, the temperature in the workspace also remains pleasant. Therefore, induction systems can be installed where the manufacturing process requires it, materials and other machinery are not affected by heat. Many unnecessary transport routes can thus be avoided.

Himmelwerk induction systems offer the best prerequisites for the automation of heating processes. This is because they can be easily adapted to existing working machines and facilitate the creation of practical fixtures.

Our specialists sound out all the conditions during the design process and ensure smooth commissioning in your production hall. The induction heating is easy to use, so your skilled staff will learn the ropes with ease and you’ll even have more flexibility when it comes to staffing.

Series and small quantities

Induction heating systems are particularly well suited for series production. In many cases, their use also makes sense for the production of smaller quantities, because even here their economic efficiency pays off significantly through energy reduction and higher product quality.

The possible applications of induction heating are almost unlimited. The various applications, including examples from different sectors, are presented here.

Himmelwerk has been manufacturing high-frequency and medium-frequency systems with outputs from 2.0 kW upwards for over seven decades. More than 19,000 systems are now proving their worth in a wide range of industries in over 70 countries. Our extensive and diverse experience offers you decisive benefits for more efficient production. We would be pleased if we could also produce the perfect induction process for your production.

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