Research & Development

Thinking ahead to induction heating

For us, being a technology leader is more than just a claim. Every year, we invest between five and ten percent of our sales volume in the further development of our expertise in induction heating.

A key focus of this leading induction strategy is collaboration with national and international research institutions. We support scientists in the further development of promising applications.

We introduce some of our project partners here.

Collaborations with Universities & Research Institutions

We increase the efficiency

Whether plasma generation at ITER, pulse hardening or the soldering of chips – when it comes to sustainability, climate protection and efficiency, we are happy to be involved.
Learn more about one of these projects here.

3D representation of the ITER nuclear fusion reactor

Publicly funded Projects – industry-oriented and application-related

We don’t just want to do research, we want to make inductive processes better for industry in a very concrete and practical way. That is why we regularly work on publicly funded projects for SMEs.

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