High frequency generator HU 3i

Series i

Induction IoT, intuitive handling, IP54 – the three i’s of the HU 3i high-frequency generator significantly increase the success of your production. With this converter, you can keep an eye on the entire induction process thanks to the smart module for quality monitoring which is networked via a CAN bus.

Based on monitoring values that are entered, the HU 3i automatically decides which limit values are appropriate using AI-based methods. If there is an error message, the process is automatically stopped, resulting in a considerable reduction in waste and defective parts while optimising your productivity. It is digitally controlled via a Linux industrial-based operating system.

The operation of the high-frequency generator is both intuitive and easy because of the variable input options. An integrated temperature controller allows the target temperature of the workpieces to be easily set.

The HU 3i is IP54 rated and thus offers a high level of equipment safety, which guarantees that the generator can be used for a long time.

Improve sustainability in all areas with the HU 3i.

Benefits of quality monitoring

  • Wide range of applications (soldering, hardening, joining, annealing, etc.)
  • Intelligent detection in self-learning mode
  • Monitoring of actual values by converters without big data connection
  • Automatic termination of the induction process in the event of an error message
  • Part monitoring, even with very fast heating times of less than 100 ms
  • Intuitive operation and integrated temperature controller

Technical benefits

  • Improved networking possibilities through industrial interfaces
  • Curve evaluation via fast control with cycle times of 1 ms
  • Optional addition of data logger
  • Optional addition of various bus systems
  • Further technical benefits of the HU series
  • Device protection class IP54

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Industry IoT is still the current challenge of our time. Induction IoT is how we respond to this. The opportunities of digitalisation inspire us, because they can help make induction heating even more sustainable and forward-looking.

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