Hochfrequenzgenerator Sinus

Special systems from Himmelwerk

Melting plants

With the melting plant from Himmelwerk, you can easily melt metal samples for spectrometric analysis. Easy to handle, powerful in performance.

The compactly designed crucible furnace of the melting plant is equipped with a transistorised HF converter of the SINUS 10 kW // 1 or 2 MHz series.

Areas of application

  • Turnings
  • Fine chips
  • Melting of metal cuttings
  • Non-ferrous metals with special crucibles possible

Technical benefits

  • Manual crucible movement – individual melting process
  • Crucible removal manual with crucible tongs
  • On request with electromotive crucible movement
  • Microprocessor-control, alphanumeric display
  • Freely programmable
  • Interface for external control
  • Numerous options & accessories

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Gian-Pietro Cremona