Ringförmiger Induktor mit mehreren Kreisen

Individual inductors

We create highly precise induction processes

Every workpiece is unique – in its shape and in its requirements. For this reason, a special inductor is necessary that exactely matches the design. This way, also complex components can be heated precisely.

We determine the optimum properties of the induction coil in our induction laboratory, which is then constructed by our technical specialists – depending on the application either in the CNC machining centre or manually. Following inductance measurements, we guarantee that you receive an inductor that is precisely accurate.

The induction heating coils can be easily replaced on the outer circuit. This means that you can use your induction system for several different workpieces and quickly change over your production. Please talk to us about it.

Circular inductor with inner ring
Elongated inductor
Inductor with wide spiral

Best maintenance with our inductor service

We take care of the maintenance of your inductors. This service, too, is based on experience and know-how.

Please feel free to contact us. Together we will determine your requirements and conditions and advise you on the right inductor and induction equipment. If we can convince you, we will provide you with a transparent offer as soon as possible.

We are happy to advise you

Gian-Pietro Cremona


Gian-Pietro Cremona