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Smart Upgrade

More efficiency, faster cycle times, less waste – all this is guaranteed by the Smart Upgrade, with which you upgrade quality assurance for your induction.

With the Smart Upgrade, you monitor the induction heating processes. In self-learning mode, the module first evaluates the recorded data, after which the exact limit values are activated on request. All production processes which exceed these values are then stopped automatically or trigger warning messages. The sources of errors can be eliminated immediately without unnecessary rejects.

Many transistor-based Himmelwerk frequency converters can be upgraded with the Smart Upgrade.

Benefits of quality monitoring

  • Intelligent detection in self-learning mode
  • Automatic termination of the induction process in the event of an error message
  • Part monitoring, even with very fast heating times of less than 100 ms
  • Intuitive operation and integrated temperature controller
  • Connection to all frequency converter series

Technical benefits

  • Improved networking possibilities through industrial interfaces
  • Device-dependent curve evaluation via fast control with cycle times from 40 ms
  • Optional addition of data logger
  • Optional addition of various bus systems

Smart Upgrade – the name says it all


as in: Self-learning mode


as in: Measure


as in: Analyse


as in: Relevant


as in: Tracking

In the self-learning mode, the Smart Upgrade measures all of the important process data and analyses them, thereby setting the relevant limit values. This is how smart part tracking works.

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This is how to upgrade with induction

Retrofitting your frequency converter with the Smart Upgrade is a process in which we provide you with professional support. This is where we explain the steps we are taking.

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Daniel Schulte, Sales Himmelwerk