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Induction systems
from Himmelwerk

The right induction system for every process and every industry – with our converters, inductors, temperature measuring devices and cooling systems, you have unlimited possibilities in industrial induction heating.

Induction converters

High-frequency system HU 5000+

high-frequency systems up to 5 KW

HU series

High-frequency system  HUS 50

high-frequency systems starting from 25 KW

HU S series

smart High frequency systems


High-frequency system SINIUS 52

High-frequency systems up to 25 KW

SINUS series

Medium frequency system MU 25

Medium frequency systems up to 250 KW

MU series

Medium frequency system  MU R10

medium frequency systems Up to 15 KW

MU R series

You’re not sure which induction generator fits your needs? We’re happy to advise you


Kreisförmiger Induktor mit Innenring

Inductors & outer circuits

Measuring & monitoring technology

Other induction technology

recooling system eChilly

Cooling water recooling systems

Induction systems from the solution provider

Outstanding technology is one thing. But a perfect solution also requires a partner who provides you with optimal support, communicates transparently and knows his way around your industry. We have been this partner from the very beginning.