• Protects the environment
  • Compact design
  • Plug and Play: easy to install
  • Energy efficient
  • Low noise



You can chose the correct cooling water temperature preemptive. This ensures the unvaried quality of your products.
The constant cooling water temperature allows the better use of your production means and increases the lifetime of your tools and machines.

The closed loop of water guarantees consistently good quality of your cooling water. The cooling canals are protected against soiling and furring.

Because you do not need fresh water anymore, you protect our environment and save money meanwhile!

Compact and safe.

The plug-ready compact construction is space-saving and easy to install.
They are equipped with a fully hermetic motor compressor, a complete cooling water loop including water tank and centrifugal pump.
The CWK-Series is produced with cooling capacities from 700 to 3.010 kcal/h.

Technically convincing.

Like many other Cooling systems our VWKs  passed the tests and inspections of purchasing and quality assurance departments of major corporations with success and approval. You should use this free insight!


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