Melting plants

Special systems from Himmelwerk Induction Melting plants With the melting plant from Himmelwerk, you can easily melt metal samples for spectrometric analysis. Easy to handle,

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Smart Upgrade

Smart Upgrade More efficiency, faster cycle times, less waste – all this is guaranteed by the Smart Upgrade, with which you upgrade quality assurance for

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Recooling systems

Cooling water Recooler Consistent quality throughout your production The quality of your products, cost-efficient heating and ease of use are factors that we focus on

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MU R10 series

SeriesMU R10 Medium frequency converter 20 kHz–100 kHz The MU R10 is our centre frequency generator for frequencies up to 100 kHz. All parameters can

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MU series

series MU Medium frequency converters 25 kW–250 kW // 4 kHz–50 kHz Which induction generator is the right one always depends on what your requirements

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Individual inductors We create highly precise induction processes Every workpiece is unique – in its shape and in its requirements. For this reason, a special

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HU S series

series HU S High-frequency converters 25 kW–250 kW // 50 kHz–600 kHz When it comes to higher outputs of up to 250 kW, our high-frequency

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HU series

HU series High-frequency converter HU 2000+ 2 kW // 0.25–1.0 MHzHigh-frequency converter HU 5000+ 5 kW // 0.25 – 1.0 MHz Our HU high-frequency converters

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Sinus series

Sinus series High-frequency converters 5 kW–25 kW // 50 kHz–2,000 kHz Targeted, reliable and with a high degree of efficiency, the high-frequency generators of the

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Series i

Series i Induction IoT, intuitive handling, IP54 – the three i’s of the HU 3i high-frequency generator significantly increase the success of your production. With

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Since 1950, Himmelwerk has shipped more than 19,000 high and medium frequency converters worldwide.
By how much can you reduce your CO₂ emissions per year? Let’s have a look.

Assumption 1:
25% of your converters are still operational.

Assumption 2: They have an average output of 6 kW and thus a power consumption of 7 kW.

Assumption 3: These generators are operational 8 hrs per day and 5 days per week.

Assumption 4: Inductive heating uses up to 40% less energy than conventional methods. Let’s assume 30%.

With these assumptions, our calculation would look like this:

Daily energy consumption: 8 hrs x 7 kW = 56 kW

Energy savings per day: 56 kWh / 0.7 = 80 kWh; 80 – 56 = 24 kWh

Total energy savings per day: 24 kWh x 4,750 converters = 114,000 kWh

Total energy savings per year: 220 working days x 114,000 kWh = 25,080,000 kWh

Conversion factor kWh/CO₂: 1 kWh is equivalent to approx. 0.401 kg of CO₂ (source: German Federal Environmental Agency, Climate Change 13/2020)

CO₂ reduction per year: 25,080,000 kWh x 0.401 kg = 10,057,080 kg